Blake - Pyramid Lake

The goal was simple, get in the car and drive. I've known model Blake Kalawart (LA Models) for a while now, we're both from the same town in Michigan. So, I knew he'd indulge my whim to just let fate decide where we ended up for the day. Lucky for both of us, that was a great idea. 

Driving along a small side road in the Santa Monica mountains, we turned a curve and there it was. I pulled over immediately, I knew we had found our spot. This was a great day, and a great shoot. You sometimes forget, living in a city like LA, that there is so much beautiful nature so near-by. It wasn't until we checked the map that we even really knew where we had landed... Pyramid Lake.

You can expect more of these day-trips very soon! I'm hoping to do much more of this, and I hope you'll all come long for the journey!