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Day Out in Sydney

The predictions of nicer weather for my two days off here in Sydney were rather exaggerated. I woke up to another day of rain, but that was not going to stop this guy from setting off to explore.  I originally had three goals for my first free day: a new tattoo, visiting Sydney Harbor in the daylight and checking out Bondi Beach. With the weather what is was, I crossed Bondi off my list, packed a bag of essentials and headed out. My first stop was Mischief Moon Tattoo Studio, a recommendation from one of the guys who worked at the studio where we shot this week. They gladly fit me in and my wrist was sporting my new ink within an hour. The paper airplane represents my wanderlust (which I can assure you has been dramatically rekindled on this trip).

Wanderlust (noun); a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

After I was properly inked, it was time to set out on foot to explore, rain or shine. I headed towards the Botanical Gardens, passing endless beautiful buildings, from the simple colonial terraced homes that are everywhere here in Sydney, to St. Mary's Cathedral and a lot of government buildings with questionable function.

With soaked feet, I arrived at the Sydney Botanical Gardens. This large, lush garden is an unexpected gem in the middle of a crowded metropolis.  I wandered about for a bit, being sure to smell some roses and ogle at some stone statue's impossible hind-quarters.

I was told if I walked through the gardens I would end at the Sydney Opera House, and sure enough I exited the greenery to the beautiful site of that strange and iconic symbol of the city rising in front of me. Now in the daylight, I was able to get up close and personal to it. I asked some strangers to take some obligatory images of myself there on the steps (not included in today's post).

I was happy to be able to see the harbor during the day. As gorgeous as it was the other night, it was equally as stunning in the light. I got a little souvenir gift shopping in for the family there in some of the harbor gift shops. Then, I took a moment, had a seat and stared out at the harbor really taking in the fact of where I was... on the entire other side of the world from home! It was a pretty awesome moment.