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Dinner at Sydney Harbor

After a very long, back-breaking first day in the studio here in Sydney, it was time for a quick nap. The reliance on copious amounts of caffeine was finally catching up with me, but that wasn't going to stop me from making our dinner reservations at Cafe Sydney in the world-famous Sydney Harbor.

A short, lovely evening walk to a nearby train station and two stops down the line, I walked out into Circular Quay and was greeted by the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge rising above the ferry boats bobbing in the wharf. The ladies of Cocksox had chosen the perfect location for our first dinner together.  Cafe Sydney was not only a perfectly gorgeous and significantly delicious restaurant, but rising five stories above the wharf, it also had an amazing view of the entire harbor. I nabbed an image off their website to show you just how beautiful the restaurant was.  We had a perfect table on the outdoor terrace.

I enjoyed an amazing local goat cheese starter and a peppered beef tenderloin with mushrooms and bone marrow for my main course. I had another local New South Whales cider with dinner and a decadent raspberry and coconut dessert. The entire meal, the phenomenal setting and the friendly company were a perfect combination.

We had a little time after dinner to walk down to what is surely the single most recognizable landmark of Sydney, the Opera House. It was as gorgeous as you would expect and I look forward to visiting again in the daylight. Then it was back to the hotel to call it a night and rest up for another full day in the studio.