Lincoln At El Matador

Beautiful days may be bountiful here in Los Angeles, but none compare to one you spend with a stunning male model in front of your camera at one of the best little beaches in the state. Lincoln Chapman is a gorgeous new face with Wilhelmina Models. We spent the day taking beautiful pictures and enjoying the glorious scenery of Malibu and El Matador beach. 

New Vlog!

Okay, here goes nothing. 

I have been considering starting a vlog about what I do as a photographer, behind the scenes footage, etc. I finally said to myself, why the hell not?! So, I'm diving into that over-filled pool and starting my own youtube channel. Yes, there are a million other voices clambering for attention, but I hope that what I have to offer is unique and entertaining. 

As a photographer of men's fashion and lifestyle content, I'm hoping that I'll be able to produce something kind of special. Here's my first video, but don't worry, there will be plenty of hot guys in the videos to come.