Night Out in London

After wrapping our shoot yesterday, I headed back to my hotel. Everyone was exhausted, but I wasn't ready to give up or throw in the towel for the day. My second wind hit and it was time to explore. I did a little research and set my sights on dinner at a place called the Flat Iron.

Call it intuition or call it luck... but this was an amazing choice. Not only was it located in an extremely cool area of Soho London, with alley ways and narrow streets that conjure up visions of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, but the food was incredible!

The menu is simple. Do you want a flat iron steak, or do you want a flat iron steak? You get a choice of sides and sauces, but the menu is kept simple and I love that. Seating is family style, and the space is cramped, although delightful in it's rustic decorations.

I was sat with a group of friends who had already begun their meal. A distractingly cute server sat down next to me to deliver a tin cup of delicious popcorn and discuss my choices. I placed my order and the food was at my table in record time. And did I mention it was incredible? 

I filled myself up on flat iron steak, fries, kale salad, more tasty popcorn and enjoyed a cider.  The theme of the restaurant was so focused without being overdone. Even the knife was a miniature meat cleaver. Overall, a VERY well done experience. I hope to get back there again someday.

After dinner, I spent some time bar hopping in the gayborhood of Soho, where most of the gay bars are located in London. There are no pictures of this part of my evening, sorry.

I've been very proud to have ONLY traveled by public transit during my whole trip so far...and around 1 in the morning, I boarded one of the iconic double-decker red busses and headed back to my hotel, a belly full of happy food, happy drink, and a happy evening out exploring on my own.