All Black Everything - Zack Nelson

This is my second shoot with male model Zack Nelson (LA Models) and believe it or not, only his fourth shoot ever. He has been modeling for just over a month now, but is clearly a nat-ur-al! No rookie moves here. We had a great time pulling together my favorite kind of outfits, all black everything. Obviously Zack pulls off every look effortlessly. He’s such an amazing new face and a force to be reckoned with. Look out world!

Special thanks to V Leather, 2Eros, and Jack Adams for providing some of the samples for this shoot.

Equipment: Shot on Canon 5D Mkiii. Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens.

Brand Collaboration: Nate Niehaus and Aviator Nation

If you know me, you know I love a road trip, especially with a fashionable guy, nice clothes, and a jeep! For this brand collaboration, Aviator Nation sent over some awesome samples. We rented a bright red Jeep Wrangler, and headed for Malibu for my shoot with model Nate Niehaus (Wilhelmina Models). The series was shot for Male Model Scene as part of their model portrait exclusive series. You can view the series at MaleModelScene.

For brand collaboration opportunities, email

Equipment: Shot on Canon 5D Mkiii. Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art Lens.

Michael Yerger - Test Shoot

I have to be honest and say that I had an ulterior motive for scheduling another shoot with model Michael Yerger (LA Models). Michael's images had done better than any other on my social media ever had before, and his face held the top four spots on my "most-liked" images for months! So, we decided to recreate the magic with another shoot!

Of course, my second photo shoot with Michael didn't disappoint, with this stunning dark features and bright eyes. I'm excited to continue to partner and create images with this young up-and-comer. 

Jacob Atwood - Test Shoot

Young and full of potential, Jacob Atwood is a stunning new face with Wilhelmina Models here in Los Angeles. This causal, cool male model certainly has a future in this biz. It was a pleasure having him in front of my lens for a simple test shoot here in the hills and he delivered. His stunning blue eyes and deadly-sharp jawline are ingredients for success, but his laid-back and friendly attitude will take him even further. 

(Special thanks to 2 Eros for providing the letterman jacket and sailer tank top for this shoot).

Jesse - Portfolio Update

Among the last few shoots I did at my Hollywood studio, this shoot with male model Jesse from Wilhelmina models made for a fun and easy day. Like many of the guys from this top agency, Jesse was easy to work with, and a natural in front of the lens. 


Published - Joe Martinez Adon Magazine

I got together recently with model Joe Martinez (DT Model Management) and stylist Neil Cohen to produce a shoot for Huf Magazine. After that shoot we grabbed lunch and headed back to the studio. With the looks Neil had pulled, we realized something. We had another fashion editorial staring us in the face. We couldn't let that opportunity pass, so we popped Joe back in front of the camera here in the studio.

The result, I'm proud to say, was awesomely sexy and published with Adon Magazine. You can see the full story there, but here are a few of the images from our "Say Something" editorial. 

Michael - Portfolio Update

It was an absolute pleasure to have this awesome young up-and-coming male model in front of my camera for a photo shoot to update his modeling portfolio. Not only is he exceptionally good-looking, he is smart, well-spoken and a joy to be around. Michael Yerger is signed with LA Models.

At such a young age, he's got a ton of potential, and certainly an incredible future ahead of him. Michael is not only a model, but also a successful Realestate agent. I can't wait to see what he does. But you can start by seeing what we did together. Take a look at the images here. And let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Thanks again to Wood UnderwearDe La Commune, and Mr. Turk  for providing some awesome fashions for our shoot. 

Payton - Portfolio Update

My subject for this photo shoot, Payton Koch, was another great male model sent over from my friends at Wilhelmina Models. He was the epitome of casual and cool, even for his relatively young age. He was natural in front of the camera and didn't mind my annoying need to constantly film for the vlog. The great thing about what I do now as a photographer is that I am working with experienced and chill models who make my job so much easier. 

We pulled looks from my style rack, a blessing to have. It's amazing to have fashion at my fingertips any time I need it. Companies like Wood UnderwearDe La Commune, and Mr. Turk  have been so great to work with. All three companies have versatile pieces that work in many ways on many different types of male models. 

The goal for this shoot was to get a great variety of looks to use in Payton's portfolio. Take a look at our resulting images, and feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. And be sure to follow Payton on Instagram

Lincoln At El Matador

Beautiful days may be bountiful here in Los Angeles, but none compare to one you spend with a stunning male model in front of your camera at one of the best little beaches in the state. Lincoln Chapman is a gorgeous new face with Wilhelmina Models. We spent the day taking beautiful pictures and enjoying the glorious scenery of Malibu and El Matador beach. 

Christian J - Wilhelmina Models

I love meeting new models, and building a relationship with one of the top agencies in the world is certainly a way to do that. Wilhelmina Model's LA branch sent me male model Christian Johnson for a studio test shoot. He's young and fun, with a boyish charm that will keep his career fresh for many years to come. 

The other thing I love about what I do, is working with amazing fashion brands. Recently, as I've been pivoting my photography more into men's fashion and lifestyle, I've been able to start working with brands I didn't have access to as an underwear photographer. In this shoot, I styled model Christian in clothes by Wood Underwear, De La Commune, and Mr. Turk

Published - Joe Martinez HUF Magazine

As I transition my photography in a new direction, stepping further away from the men's underwear world and hopefully deeper into the men's fashion and lifestyle realm, getting my work seen is the most important task at hand. I've been working feverishly to do just that. 

I had an opportunity recently to collaborate with male model Joe Martinez (DT Model Management) and stylist Neil Cohen. We took some spectacular spring fashion and headed for the Hollywood Hills. 

The resulting images were recently published in HUF Magazine, and I was thrilled to officially be back in the game! Having worked exclusively for one company for the past few years, it felt great to be sharing new and different work with the world again. 

Here is just a peek at the series we produced for HUF. To see the full series head on over to their site here

New Vlog!

Okay, here goes nothing. 

I have been considering starting a vlog about what I do as a photographer, behind the scenes footage, etc. I finally said to myself, why the hell not?! So, I'm diving into that over-filled pool and starting my own youtube channel. Yes, there are a million other voices clambering for attention, but I hope that what I have to offer is unique and entertaining. 

As a photographer of men's fashion and lifestyle content, I'm hoping that I'll be able to produce something kind of special. Here's my first video, but don't worry, there will be plenty of hot guys in the videos to come. 

Aaron - Hollywood

This stunning male model has plenty of experience in front of the camera as a model. He's had an amazing career in commercial modeling so far, and it was a thrill to have someone so talented in front of my lens. But what's even more impressive about Aaron Thornton is his drive and passion extends into his entrepreneurial and inventor's spirit with his brand Yoyo Mats

We kept our shoot clean and simple, as Aaron had to get home to pack his bags for Europe where he'd be promoting his product. Casual t-shirts. You can't go wrong, on or off. Of course, he rocked every frame. 

Aaron is with Wilhelmina Models.

Blake - Pyramid Lake

The goal was simple, get in the car and drive. I've known model Blake Kalawart (LA Models) for a while now, we're both from the same town in Michigan. So, I knew he'd indulge my whim to just let fate decide where we ended up for the day. Lucky for both of us, that was a great idea. 

Driving along a small side road in the Santa Monica mountains, we turned a curve and there it was. I pulled over immediately, I knew we had found our spot. This was a great day, and a great shoot. You sometimes forget, living in a city like LA, that there is so much beautiful nature so near-by. It wasn't until we checked the map that we even really knew where we had landed... Pyramid Lake.

You can expect more of these day-trips very soon! I'm hoping to do much more of this, and I hope you'll all come long for the journey!

Chris - Hollywood

Brand new face, new male model Chris Clark with Good Talent Management, in the Hollywood Hills and in the studio. This was actually Chris' first shoot ever! It's hard to believe given what a total hunk and complete natural he was in front of the lens. He's got a lot to look forward to with his new career as a male model, that's for sure.

Tom - Downtown LA

A fashion/lifestyle test shoot with male model Tom from Two Models. We shot this in downtown LA on a busy weekday, which definitely brought on a small audience. Tom's stunning looks pulled in many wondering eyes as we bounced from location to located. We were chasing the last bits of sunlight to catch that golden color. Some fashions provided by De La Commune

Leif - Newport Beach

Male model Leif Erik represented by DT Model Management. Men's swimwear and lifestyle photo shoot on and under the pier in Newport Beach, California. Leif had just recently moved here to California, and I was more than happy to be among the first to shoot him. He's clearly a natural in front of the lens, and from our day together at the beach, he definitely proved himself a natural people person as well!

Ajdin - Hollywood

I've known Ajdin for many years now. And because I know you're wondering, it's pronounced EYE-deen. He's from my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he's a force to be reckoned with. He works hard, he makes his own way, and doesn't take life sitting down. 

For our zillionth shoot together, I wanted to keep it simple. Just walk outside and start shooting. So, we took to the streets of my neighborhood here in Hollywood. It doesn't hurt that this hottie is in the best shape I've ever seen him in. But to top it off, he's got bucket loads of charisma and personality.

Matt Crawford in the Studio

I knew one thing when I went into this shoot with model, Instagramer, and YouTuber Matt Crawford: I wanted to play with color. I pulled out all the lights, all the colored gels and started playing like a child in a toy box! To say I was thrilled with the results would be the understatement of the year.