Payton - Portfolio Update

My subject for this photo shoot, Payton Koch, was another great male model sent over from my friends at Wilhelmina Models. He was the epitome of casual and cool, even for his relatively young age. He was natural in front of the camera and didn't mind my annoying need to constantly film for the vlog. The great thing about what I do now as a photographer is that I am working with experienced and chill models who make my job so much easier. 

We pulled looks from my style rack, a blessing to have. It's amazing to have fashion at my fingertips any time I need it. Companies like Wood UnderwearDe La Commune, and Mr. Turk  have been so great to work with. All three companies have versatile pieces that work in many ways on many different types of male models. 

The goal for this shoot was to get a great variety of looks to use in Payton's portfolio. Take a look at our resulting images, and feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. And be sure to follow Payton on Instagram