Fish and Chips

Day two in London got off to a slow start, and stayed pretty low key throughout. To kick off the day, I found a local coffee shop, ordered my standard international coffee choice, a flat white, and caught up on some emails.

For lunch, I was determined, no matter how stereotypical it sounded, to have some Fish & Chips at a local pub. This was surprisingly hard to accomplish. Not because a pub that serves the dish was hard to find, quite the opposite. Searching online, I found so many options I was completely overwhelmed with choice.

Do I visit the Rose & Crown, The Two Chairmen, the Lamb & Flag? Ultimately I took a stab in the dark and found myself at the Two Chairmen.

With a stomach full of delicious Strawberry Lime Cider (my new favorite), fried fish and french fries, it was time to meet my local friend Luka. We had planned to go and visit the studio for our photo shoot and get a good look at it to help us prepare. We met up at Piccadilly again (it's a good central location) and this time I made sure to snap some pictures.

Afterwards, Luka took us to a great area of London that I never would have known about called Camden Town. Unfortunately we got there a little late and most of the shops and the large market he wanted me to see were closed for the day. It's on my list to revisit later this week. We did, however, get to eat at his favorite vegan restaurant in London...and it was actually quite good.

And that's all!  Not too exciting, but I've still got lots of time here in the Queen's Country.