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So far on my trip to Australia, I have seen mostly the inside of a (very nice) studio and the inside of restaurants. Luckily, thanks to the brilliant team from Cocksox Underwear that brought me down under, the restaurants have been amazing! Last night's dinner was no exception.

Walking into Nomad, I was stunned that a restaurant could be this cool. The open-concept space was beautifully designed, with someone clearly paying attention to the details. Our server even boasted as he poured, that the red-wine glasses were specifically designed by a local artisan and crafted in Italy. The tapas style menu was designed around old cooking methods, such as the pickling of their own vegetables and curing of their own meats.

At Nomad we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most passionate farmers and purveyors one can find here or elsewhere. They give us raw materials that are handmade and grown naturally, with patience, and, where possible, locally. We’re always looking for new ideas and produce to share with you, so our menu is constantly changing and evolving. Our cooking however is rooted in the past with methods such as pickling, curing, smoking, fermenting and drying all elevated and celebrated.

We ordered more than our stomach's could hold. We obviously had to try the pickles and olives and the cured meat charcuterie for which they are famous.  Our waiter got a little behind and was only able to mention after I had eaten it that one of the meats of the night was, in fact, wallaby! Bread with black-salt butter from an underwater volcano. Lamb with an amazing yogurt sauce.  The longest single coil of charizo sausage I've ever seen. And one of my favorite dishes of the night, the goat cheese churros.

The ladies couldn't keep up on the wine and forced me to finish off the bottle of Thick as Thieves, a local pinot noir... even after spilling some of it all over one my two gracious hostesses! It was an amazing restaurant, each dish more delicious than the last. I absolutely love eating tapas style, experiencing so many more and varied flavors. It was the perfect ending after a second, incredibly long day of shooting in the studio.